At SEO International we believe in keeping the client up to speed with the progress of the SEO solutions we have tailored for their websites. This information is contained in weekly as well as monthly reports. These reports provide friendly, clear and concise details of the work on the ground along with suggestions on other SEO techniques that can be used to obtain the best results.

The summary report gives brief details on items such as the keywords that have obtained position one as well as those in the top ten and twenty. This enables you to ascertain your visibility among your competitors. The results are provided in easy to understand bar graphs and charts.

There is also the search engine ranking report that details your position in relation to the Google search engine i.e. and Suppose you need presence on the other principal engines, Yahoo and Bing or the others, that too can be arranged.

A report solely based on keywords is also provided. This information details your position in relation to the keywords that describe your business. This is also a simple report where you can at a glance ascertain your position among competitors.

With these reports we can together make informed decisions on the way forward and on how best to achieve and surpass your goals.

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