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SEO International only uses organic website optimisation techniques to ensure that your website abides by the rules put in place by the search engine organizations. This way, our Affordable SEO services ensure that your website remains safe from chances of getting blacklisted and at the same time helps it achieve its maximum potential.

At our SEO company India we appreciate the fact that every website is different thus we do not offer generalised SEO services to our clients. Every solution we provide is tailored to the specifics that your website aims to achieve. In this way we are able to meet the competition needs of each different industry. Why we claim to provide Affordable SEO packages is that we can generate an attack plan that fits your marketing needs and yet suffices for your budget. All our services are open and the client is kept posted on all steps, processes and developments that take place. Though we assist with the selection of keywords, the customer is always involved in the final decision. We have incorporated Google Traffic Analytics into our services to help us monitor the efficacy of all keywords we have used to optimise your website.

Other than offering SEO services we also provide the Pay Per Click advertising option. This was one of the first advertising solutions that were provided by search engines. With this method your website appears on the search engines’ first pages instantly thus generating a whole lot of traffic. Integrating PPC with our Affordable SEO techniques to optimise the content in your website is a sure way of attracting and retaining traffic to your website.

Our SEO company India is fully experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of SEO and PPC and since we keep on embracing new techniques and solutions, you can well be assured that your investment in your website’s marketing campaign will generate high returns on investment. Our Affordable SEO services will greatly increase relevant traffic to your website and thus bring into actuation the goals you set out to achieve when starting the website.

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