Multilingual SEO

As everyone who has been involved in running an online business or website knows, if you don't get the right keywords to correctly signpost your site, you won't get any traffic diverting to your corner of the web.

Figuring out the right keywords to optimize your site is a tricky science, involving a balance between putting yourself in the shoes of your potential consumer to figure out what phrases they're likely to use to search for your products, and researching the frequency of keyword usage with tools like Google Keyword to see which are best to push through the competition to the top of the rankings.

But when it comes to deciding on the best keywords in other languages, the whole game changes. Different languages and cultures will approach the expression of their desires in different ways.

Simply taking your English keywords and then looking up their dictionary translations in each of your target languages won't yield effective results. Indeed, the most effective keyword for a product or service could be anything from a direct translation of the term into the target language, to a colloquialism, a synonym, or an adopted term from English or another language.

With the appropriate teams established, genuine optimization of a global website can begin. The process of MSEO is similar to the English SEO process, with the addition of the following steps to promote the multilingual website:

From there we will seamlessly weave them into your website’s title, meta tags, back links and content to encourage website spiders to index your optimized content and increase your search engine rank position accordingly.

Website code optimization
Website content optimization as per the keyword algorithm
Website usability optimization
Website quality testing
Website submission
Website link building in the target language

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